Best Jewelry Boxes And Organizers (2022 Review) – Top 7 Picks !

This is our review of the Best Jewelry Boxes in 2022.

We have tested and compare the all the Top Best Jewelry Box in the market after that we prepared this list to ensure you will get quality product.

We have written their benefits and drawbacks to help you in making right purchase.

Lets’ get started !

These Are Best Jewelry Boxes And Organizers In 2022

  • Vlando VJ-19001-W+G-15-E Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Kendal Leather Jewelry Box Organizer
  • HerFav Acrylic Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Voova Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Homde Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Vlando VJ16002 Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Glenor 8541855873 Jewelry Box Organizer

1. Vlando VJ-19001-W+G-15-E Jewelry Box Organizer

  • VLANDO is a trademark exclusivily designing and crafting premium jewelry boxes. Visit us by clicking on Miss Vlando Store to view our full offering of jewelry boxes.
  • CITY BEAUTY is a medium sized jewelry box able to store large jewelry collections thanks to its multiple compartments
  • SPECIFICATIONS: L 10.0 x W 7.3 x H 7.0 inches. BUILT TO LAST: Made from durable synthetic leather and a velvet lining, the City Beauty will keep your jewelry organized and ready to wear.
  • CONTAINS a built-in mirror, 13 earring hangers, 8 pairs of stud earring holders, 2 pouches in the side flaps, a row of ring rolls storing up to 18 rings, 3 drawers, and 3 compartments allowing you to store your whole jewelry collection.
  • GIFTING: Delights girls and women alike who receive it as a gift.

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The Vlando Jewelry Box is a small, attractive jewelry box that may be customized to your specifications. It’s composed of tough materials and includes useful features like a removable tray for quick access and storage. It’s also a medium-sized jewelry box with many sections for storing huge jewelry collections.

It will keep your jewelry tidy and ready to wear, since it is made of durable synthetic leather with a velvet interior. It includes a metal hinge, which makes the box sturdier, and the automated rising-lowering feature makes it simple to remove long earrings.

It also includes two necklace-hanging wings with eight hooks and two storage bags to keep your necklaces and lengthy earrings from tangling.

Also included are detachable drawers for a bracelet, watch, and other larger jewelry storage, as well as a ten-ring groove. The high-quality flocking lining in the foldable rings groove protects your rings and earrings from oxidation.

The item includes an inner tiny mirror as well as multiple size sections on the top to accommodate various jewelry. A carefully crafted jewelry box with a sophisticated design, this is a lovely present for a special woman or girl in your life.


  • Sleek and Elegant
  • Accommodative compartments


It could have been a little bigger.

2. Kendal Leather Jewelry Box Organizer

  • Clean lined, sleek, contemporary designed jewelry box. Sturdy construction. It measures 12.00"L x 6.70"W x 12.75"H when closed.
  • Comes in a brown PU leather finish. Exquisitely hand-lined in ivory suede fabric
  • Top lid has a large beveled glass mirror nestled inside. The removable top section has 2 compartments, each size is 7.25”L x 2.625”W x 1.125” H, and one compartment has 3 suede lined ring slots.
  • 5 removable drawers for maximum jewelry storage. The deeper bottom drawer has only one compartment. Its size is 7.31"L x 5.81"W x 2.25"H. The other 4 drawers have the equal size. Their size is 7.31"L x 5.81"W x 1.00"H. Drawer 1 has 20 equal size compartments; Drawer 2 has 12 equal size compartments; Drawer 3 has 4 equal size compartments; Drawer 4 has just one compartment.
  • 2 swing out cabinets, each with 8 necklace hooks and 2 storage ledges. Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz. One year warranty.

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The Kendal Leather Jewelry Box Organizer is a clean-lined, sleek, and modern-looking jewelry box. This elegant leather jewelry box is available in three different colors: brown, black, and white. This leather jewelry box is made of brown PU leather. Ivory suede fabric is exquisitely hand-lined.

A large beveled glass mirror is nestled inside the top lid. It has a removable top section, two compartments, and three suede-lined ring slots in one of them. It has five detachable drawers for maximum jewelry storage.

There is only one drawer in the deepest bottom drawer. The other four drawers are all the same size. It also has two compartments for necklace-hanging wings, eight hooks, and two storage bags to keep your necklace safe. The interiors are lined with a high-quality flannel, which will safeguard your fragile jewelry.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy craftsmanship
  • Sleek and Elegant


It is fairly large so it won’t be compatible with regular travelers.

3. HerFav Acrylic Jewelry Box Organizer

With a simple design and a stylish appearance, the HerFav jewelry box is ideal for storing your favorite jewelry. It is available in cream, beige, and grey.

This one-of-a-kind acrylic jewelry box organizer has a fully lined velvet interior that is both stylish and protective of your jewelry. HerFav acrylic jewelry box organizer has three drawers that keep your jewelry organized and easily store different sizes of jewelry, including necklaces, bangles, and large earrings like the hoop.

It has transparent ring divider sections that make it simple to find your favorite piece of jewelry at a glance. The clear shell keeps your favorite jewelry dust-free, and the box is simple to clean with a damp cloth. The top drawer has ring divider sections and is used to store rings or stud earrings.

The second drawer with dividers is for bracelets or large earrings. The third drawer, which does not have dividers, is for the necklace. 


  • Stylish design
  • Spacious
  • Easy to clean


Not suitable for storing clunky jewelry

4. Voova Jewelry Box Organizer

The Voova Jewelry Organizer Box is made of premium leather and features exquisite craftsmanship, an appealing appearance, and double stackable compartments. This lovely Voova jewelry organizer box comes in grey, black, lavender, purple, and a variety of other sophisticated colors.

The elegant embossed leather clad Voova jewelry box is odorless, waterproof, and anti-abrasive, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Constructed with a wooden frame that is strong and long-lasting enough to support heavy jewelry and cosmetics. The interior anti-tarnish beaded flannel protects your jewelry from dust, fingerprints, scratches, and damage.

This 2-Layer jewelry box has enough space for your fine jewelry. The top lid has 5 hooks for necklaces and pendants, and an elastic shirred catch pouch keeps chains in place; 8 ring rolls, 4 small slots, an earring plate, and an underneath section; and a 6 divided bottom compartment for rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, studs, brooches, watches, and other keepsakes. You’re no longer going to lose your bling.

This stylish jewelry box features a double stackable layer and removable compartments for a large capacity and a variety of layout options. Both layers with removal baffles can meet a variety of needs while keeping all types of jewelry organized, neatly displayed, and beautifully displayed.

You can see all of your valuable possessions, making selection easier while conserving space! Glossy and exquisite metal clasp for easy opening and closing, compact and generous design that blends in with any decor. The portable jewelry chest is easy to pack and sits beautifully on your dresser, nightstand, bathroom counter, or vanity, saving a lot of space and making your room look more neatly organized. This elegant and functional jewelry case is an excellent choice.


  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Affordable
  • Exquisite craftsmanship


Not the sturdiest jewelry box out there

5. Homde Jewelry Box Organizer

The Homde Jewelry Box is made of white synthetic leather with a wood-like grain finish and a soft grey lining; the harmonious combination of materials and tones makes this jewelry organizer an eye-catching beauty wherever you place it. It’s distinct while also being elegant.

The design of this work of art incorporates a functional element. It has four layers with three pull-out drawers, two side doors with sixteen necklace hooks, one ring roll, four earring cards, nine different size compartments, two watch pillows, and a mini jewelry case, and is suitable for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hairpins, cufflinks, brooches, and other jewelry. This jewelry box is a must-have for frequent travelers.

A removable travel jewelry organizer is located in the bottom drawer, and a small jewelry organizer can be easily placed in your handbag or luggage, making it ideal for any trip.

The top handle allows you to transport this jewelry box wherever you want. A large mirror makes dressing easier. The lockable design protects your prized jewelry accessories.


  • Spacious
  • Travelers will appreciate it.
  • Excellent value for money.


The white finish makes it simple to identify dust particles.

6. Vlando VJ16002 Jewelry Box Organizer

By far the best combination of convenience and comfort can be found in this jewelry box. It’s also cost-effective, given Vlando’s extensive features. Drawers, removable trays, and side hangers make up the seven storage sections. It’s also constructed with high-quality, handcrafted craftsmanship for the fashionable individual. This item is lightweight, so you can carry it on a short trip or vacation with you.

The Pandora is made of strong synthetic leather with a velvet lining and has a distinctive style that conceals all of your accessories. A huge mirror is located on the lid, while the upper-level features four ring holder slots, four small compartments, and one large shutting compartment in the center.

Lift the upper level to reveal a hidden storage area with up to 7 additional storage areas for rings, earrings, chain necklaces, small watches, thin bracelets, and cuffs. It also contains high-quality electroplating hardware to increase the box’s durability.


  • Large jewelry compartment
  • Removal brooch and bracelet compartment


Looks old with the outer material

7. Glenor 8541855873 Jewelry Box Organizer

Glenor is a brand that guarantees the highest quality product, exceptional craftsmanship, and complete customer satisfaction. This Jewelry Box has 28 compartments of varying sizes and shapes to keep all types of jewelry organized and neatly displayed, from necklaces, bracelets, and rings to earrings and watches, so you’ll never lose your jewelry again. It’s available in black, blue, and pink.

It has a snap and magnet mechanism covered by an elegant buckle, is specially designed for ease of use and allows you to easily open your jewelry box even with one hand, and closes firmly so it never opens by itself. This compact-designed patented jewelry box comes with two trays, one on top of the other, and is designed to fit on your dresser without taking up too much valuable space.

This jewelry box has a modern look but is sturdy and long-lasting, keeping your jewelry organized and elegant. It is built with high-quality PU leather on the outside, soft elegant velvet on the inside, well-done seams, and a built-in mirror. Its elegant and luxurious design makes it the ideal gift for friends and family.


  • Elegant and stylish
  • Compact 


Clunky jewelry is not suitable


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