What Are Sleeper Earrings ? (Pros&Cons Explained)

What Are Sleeper Earrings

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What Are Sleeper Earrings?

There are several different styles of jewelry, but the vast variety and variety of jewelry are astounding. Among these Sleeper Earrings are the ones mainly worn by those who just pierced their ears, that’s why these earrings are also known as Starter Earrings.

And they are good to wear until it is healed because continuous removal or replacement of earrings can increase the risk of infection and might also cause some discomfort or irritation.

These Sleeper Earrings are lightweight and feature post hinges that clip into the V-lock, eliminating the need for earring backings. These sleeper earrings are made of hypoallergenic metals such as surgical stainless steel, strong 18 or 14k gold, or sterling silver for added comfort. So one can sleep on that too.

Who needs Sleeper Earrings ?

The main focus of Sleeper Earrings is for the ones who just pierced their ears. After piercing it takes time to get healed, till then these Sleeper Earrings are a good choice because it is lightweight and could wear day and night without any problems for it is made for comfort. 

These Sleeper Earrings are mostly used for children as well as they can be used for adults after they pierced their ears. These can be used without any hurdle because they are anti-allergic. 

Apart from all these this can be also used for people who don’t like changing their earrings daily. These earrings will never be a problem for people like that, for they provide comfort. 

These Sleeper Earrings are of two types; studs and hoops. Among these studs are ideal for children because it has screw-on backs that keep them well secured in place. The hoops are fashionable, but they are not suitable for children because they can easily tug or pull the hoop, causing it to fall out, albeit unintentionally. And these hoops are more suitable for adults who wear Sleeper Earrings daily. 

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Why are they known as Sleeper earrings ?

Sleeper Earrings are known as Sleeper Earrings because as it says one can sleep on those earrings without any hustle. And these earrings have a smooth front with unusually short posts and screw-on backs. These earrings are made to use around the clock. 

And these Sleeper Earrings are named also Starter Earrings because these are worn usually by the people who just pierced their ears. The continuous removal and replacement of earrings from freshly pierced ears are not recommended because they can increase the risk of infection and cause pain or irritation. 

Features of sleeper earrings

The main feature or attraction of Sleeper Earrings are they are comfortable to wear 24×7. These earrings are made for comfort. The stud sleeper earrings have a metallic screw-on back and are made of unusually short posts.

They are ultra-lightweight and ultra-smooth. Adults may prefer hoop sleeper earrings with a V-type snap closure device, which eliminates the possibility of the closure being entangled with hair or random fibres from your clothing.

And another main factor for this comfort is that it is made of hypoallergenic metals like nickel-free gold, sterling silver, or surgical stainless steel. These hypoallergenic jewellery have strength, durability, and resistance to tarnishing and they are usually medical grades and compatible with the human body.

And these Sleeper Earrings are available in different designs too. Apart from studs and hoops, there are beaded hoops, teardrop-shaped, organically shaped, sleeper studs, and regular hoops. 

Pros and cons of sleeper earrings


  • Comfortable to wear 24×7
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic metals used
  • No hurdles while sleeping 
  • Easy to change with other earrings 
  • Good choice of children 


  • Hoops not safe for children 
  • Might pull hoops inadvertently

Should you buy sleeper earrings?

If you just pierced your ears, you should wear Sleeper Earrings. Because these earrings are hypoallergenic so the chance of your pierced ear getting infected is low. 

These Sleeper Earrings are good also because after just piercing your ear, it is a risk to change the earrings regularly until it is healed. These earrings could be worn 24×7, so they will never be a hurdle for you. 

And besides all these, if you are a person who doesn’t wish to change your earrings daily, these Sleeper Earrings are a perfect choice. Because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all the time. 


There are different kinds of earrings, but they serve different purposes. And these Sleeper Earrings are one kind of earrings that one should opt for while they pierced their ears. Because they are super comfortable and you could use that 24×7 without any hurdle. 

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