List of All Purple Gemstones With Their Names, Meanings, Price And Pictures

Purple gemstone

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What Are Purple Gemstones And Their Meaning?

Since ancient times, purple gemstones have been utilized in jewelry. This opulent tone exudes class and status, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. While purple gemstones are extremely rare, there have been a few unusual and exquisite stones discovered in this cryptic hue. Purple gemstones have long been prized for their beauty and for good reason. 

Purple gemstones have been used in the creation of jewelry and artifacts for hundreds of years. Although there are an unlimited number of these stones accessible, they are not as popular as other colored gemstones.

Purple varieties such as lavender, lilac, and mauve are more prevalent, but the deepest colors are the rarest, and as a result, the most valuable gemstones. Purple gemstones are also supposed to have a calming impact on the mind and to help one think clearly. 

Where To Buy Purple Gemstones?

Purple gemstones are plentiful and shouldn’t be difficult to come across. Purple gemstones can be found in abundance from online stores such as James Allen and the Blue Nile, either loose or set in jewelry. Purple gemstones are also available at local jewelry stores and shopping centers.

List Of All Purple Gemstones

  • Purple Diamonds
  • Iolite
  • Amethyst
  • Purple Jasper
  • Purple Tourmaline
  • Purple Sapphire

Purple Diamonds

Purple, of course, is one of the many colors that can be found in diamonds. The presence of extremely high amounts of hydrogen during the formation of a purple diamond is required. Purple diamonds are among the world’s rarest colored diamonds as a result of this.  

Purple is a dominating and rare color in natural color diamonds, sometimes confused with the secondary color violet. Gray or pinkish modifiers are common in these diamonds. The deeper the purple color, the higher the diamond’s quality. Purple diamonds are most frequent in Russia and Australia, although they’ve lately been identified in Canada as well. 


Serenity, courage, and honor


Purple gemstones called lolites are quite popular. They are stunning, rivaling the beauty of more expensive, well-known stones like sapphires or tanzanite. Lolites are beautiful blue-purple stones with a dazzling sheen. This stone has a high degree of brilliance and competes with both Sapphire and Tanzanite. 

Lolite is a beautiful, glittering stone with a brilliant sheen to it. This is why it looks great in jewelry that catches the light easily, such as rings and earrings. Pleochroism is also abundant in lolite. It has cleavage and can be easily broken or chipped. They are, however, not highly prized due to their abundance. Regardless, it’s a tough stone that looks good in practically any type of jewelry. 


Travel, exploration, and illumination


The amethyst is perhaps the most well-known purple gemstone. This stone was regarded to be as valuable as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds in ancient times. Amethyst stones were prized until vast reserves were discovered in Brazil, after which they became more common and accessible. Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone that is violet in color and belongs to the Quartz mineral family. 

Amethyst comes in a variety of purple colors, with the darkest tones being considered the greatest grade. The color of these jewels combines well with both neutral and vibrant tones, making them popular in jewelry. Amethyst has a wide variety of prices due to its widespread availability. It’s worn as an astrological alternative for Blue Sapphire to help people deal with financial stress, job insecurity, and destructive addictions. 


A symbol of faithful love. 

Purple Jasper 

Jasper stones nourish, protect, heal, and aid in the development of self-awareness. These gemstones bring courage, wisdom, endurance, stamina, and inner strength, as well as stabilizing links with the soil. Jasper is mostly a blue gemstone, however, it can also be found in purple hues.

Purple jasper is a gemstone that belongs to the chalcedony family and is just slightly faceted. Purple jasper is a warm color that results from the mixing of blue and red jasper.  Because of its striking color, this valuable stone is frequently used in showpiece pieces and fine jewelry. It’s well known that it’s utilized in the jewelry of some of the world’s most powerful royals.

Purple Jasper is slightly opaque and, if properly cared for, can last a long period. Purple Jasper is a warm stone that is a mix of blue and red. It’s a popular choice for statement items and fine jewelry. Purple Jasper is believed to have a royal quality about it, which contributes to its appeal. 


Royalty, honor, dignity, status, and power. 

Purple Tourmaline

Although tourmaline is a popular gemstone, purple tourmaline is difficult to come by. Even though many people are unaware of the existence of purple tourmaline, gemologists prize these stones for their brilliance. Pleochroism is the ability to absorb light in diverse ways from different angles. 

Purple tourmaline is frequently faceted by jewelers to increase its pleochroism. Because purple tourmaline is not a particularly hard stone, it is frequently heat-treated to strengthen it. Its value decreases as it is subjected to greater treatment. 


It promotes serene energy.

Purple Sapphire

Although most people think of sapphire as a blue gemstone, purple sapphires are much rarer and more costly. When elements like chromium are present during the creation of sapphires, purple sapphires result. People frequently confuse sapphires with amethysts, but the former is much harder and more durable. When it comes to durability, purple sapphires are only second to diamonds.

They are exceptionally resistant to chipping and breaking. Purple sapphire is just as beautiful as blue sapphires, despite its scarcity. The inclusion of chromium during the creation of this sapphire gives it its purple color.

There is no need to treat or enhance these stones because they come in such deep and vibrant colors. Purple sapphires are the second hardest gemstone and are commonly used in engagement rings. Purple sapphires are generally a good choice for everyday jewelry. 


Protection stone


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