List of All Yellow Gemstones With Their Names, Meanings, Price And Pictures

Yellow gemstone

In the world of gemstones, there are many different types of gemstone available.

Today we’re highlighting some of the best Yellow gemstones available in the world!

This post will tell you everything you need to know about these Yellow gemstones and their effects on your life.

This blog post will cover all popular types of Yellow gemstones. In this blog post we will explore Yellow gemstones and their meaning in detail. We’ll also talk about how to pick an appropriate gemstone for yourself!

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What Are Yellow Gemstones And Their Meaning?

Yellow gemstones are warm and inviting, from brilliant, sunny tints to deep golden hues. Yellow gemstones are one of the most popular hues in the world, and the wide range of stones available may be used to create some stunning jewelry.

Yellow has a lot of positive connotations in color psychology. This comprises feelings of happiness, loyalty, enlightenment, and enthusiasm, as well as the feeling of starting over. Yellow is a color that represents wealth, health, and good fortune in many civilizations. It’s also the most noticeable color.

Where To Buy Yellow Gemstones?

Most yellow gemstones such as citrine or imperial topaz are easily available throughout jewelry stores and malls. There are also online shops like James Allen or the Blue Nile selling varieties of yellow gemstones at a fraction of what you may spend on local stores.

List Of All Gemstones

  • Yellow Diamond
  • Yellow Jade
  • Yellow Topaz
  • Citrine
  • Yellow Tourmaline
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Amber
  • Yellow Garnet

Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are the most common and least expensive of all colored diamonds. The yellow tinge on these diamonds is due to residues of nitrogen present during their formation. These valuable yellow gemstones are extremely durable, making them ideal for usage in jewelry such as rings. The color is the most important factor in determining the value of yellow diamonds.

If you’re looking for a high-quality stone, a fancy vivid yellow diamond is your best bet. Although yellow diamonds are one of the most expensive yellow gemstones, synthetic versions of high pressure and high-temperature yellow diamonds are available at lower prices.



Yellow Jade

Jade is a very popular gemstone, and it is also highly desirable in many traditions. The presence of tantalum during crystal formation gives jade its hue. Jade can be found in two forms: jadeite and nephrite, both of which have yellow hues. Jade, sometimes known as the “enigmatic gem,” is made up of one of two minerals: nephrite or jadeite.

Nephrite is a more common mineral than jadeite, and it frequently forms massive crystals. It is not only used in jewelry but it may also be sculpted and carved into huge pieces. With a Mohs hardness of 6, yellow jade isn’t the hardest gemstone in this category.


Wealth, good fortune, loyalty, and friendship

Yellow Topaz

Yellow topazes are available in a wide spectrum of colors, from orange to dark yellow to dazzling yellow. Although the latter is ubiquitous and widely available, darker variants like Imperial Topaz are extremely uncommon and highly appreciated.

Yellow topaz is a durable stone that can be worn every day. Although some specimens may have been heated, the majority of yellow topaz specimens will be in their original color. With a translucent vitreous shine, it also boasts exceptional clarity and brilliance.


Symbol of harmony and balance


Citrine is a popular yellow gemstone that gets its name from the French word citron, which means lemon. It has a high degree of clarity and rarely contains obvious contaminants. The stone is extremely translucent and long-lasting, making it ideal for jewelry.

Citrine is a kind of quartz, which explains its availability and low cost. It’s difficult to find citrine in its natural color, and heating is a frequent practice in the citrine family.


Joy and positivity

Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is one of the most sought-after tourmaline gemstones. This gemstone, which is made up of iron and titanium, is also known as versatile. Yellow Tourmaline is a durable stone that can survive for decades if properly cared for.

The yellow tourmaline is claimed to provide characteristics that help people overcome issues in life and minimize neurotic tendencies. It can also be used to balance out negative emotions while enhancing positive ones. Inclusions can be found in most yellow tourmaline stones, however, because of their rarity, they rarely detract from their value. ​


Purifying energy

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are bright and feature a variety of yellow colors ranging from light to strong. Because sapphires are formed of corundum, the yellow color is caused by iron impurities that occur during the crystal formation process.

Yellow sapphires are generally less expensive than their blue and ruby counterparts. Due to its robust chemical construction, the stone is quite hard and surpasses diamond in terms of hardness. The color saturation of yellow sapphire has a significant impact on its value. Deeper colors with more iron are more expensive than lighter ones.


Divine grace and power


Amber is a one-of-a-kind gemstone since it is a fossil gem rather than a stone. It is prized for its inclusions, which include plant and insect fragments as well as other unusual patterns. Amber begins as tree sap, then fossilizes over 30 million years to become a gemstone.

The inclusions in amber, unlike other gemstones, drive up the value as well as the depth of color. It may be subjected to heat treatment to intensify its yellow-orange tint. While it is inexpensive, large-scale harvesting is nearly impossible. Larger amber pieces are usually made up of smaller bits that have been fused.


Improved eyesight and purer air

Yellow Garnet

Garnets come in practically every color of the rainbow, although they are most commonly associated with deep red tones. The garnet, on the other hand, is one of the most sought-after yellow gemstones.

Yellow garnets, also known as Hessonite, are yellow garnets that belong to the grossular branch of the garnet family. Topazolite, a variation of the andradite branch of the garnet family, is another, more brilliant yellow garnet. This gemstone has several dimensions, giving it the appearance of having a fire in the center.




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