We are the Church

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We are the Church

Do you ever get asked the question, “Where do you go to church?”, but you really are not sure what to say. You may just mention the church that you go to   the most. Maybe you are a member of a church and have been for years. I am not here to judge or praise either way.

I know what I get asked that question; I feel a little puzzled and unsure how to answer. I would be confident to say that half of Christians don’t belong to a church. That is not an insult or an attack. I personally, do not “belong” to a church. I do have a church that is my favorite, and attend there the most. There are some people that think you have to be a member of the church. You must become a member, serve in the church, attend every time the doors are open, and of course pay your tithes.

Well. I am here to shed a different light on this topic. First let me start off by saying, that I am not saying being a member of a church is wrong. I am not saying that never going to church and not being part of a church family is right. I am just simply wanting to say that we are the church.

A few months back a friend of mine had a grandmother that was in serious condition in the hospital. It was a very touch and go situation; she was in a hospital that was two hours away. This friend asks another friend of mine to go with her to go lay hands on her. Of course, she agreed and began to plan a time and a date to go and pray for this elder. I was blessed to be able to go as well, and I was so excited. Honestly, hospitals really make me uncomfortable, but the opportunity to go and lay hands on someone in need of God? I was going.

We get to the hospital and go visit with the lady, she is not really alert, but we continue to just talk to her and hold her hand. It was really one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had. God’s presence was so heavy in that hospital room. We all lay hands on her and just start praying. After praying we leave and think that our trip was over. The three of us are heading back to the car and one of my friends notices a woman leaving the parking lot. She asks her if there are any parking spots or something of that nature. The lady made a comment about the hospital not caring where you park because she is there often. She is there so often she knows where and when you can park at certain places. We noticed she was toting a car seat with her. This made us all wonder, but my outspoken friend (thank goodness for her outspokenness) began to ask why she is here so often.

The woman began to tell us that her daughter was a little over two years old and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life. She has to be admitted every so often to stabilize her heart, I believe. The mother said that she wasn’t expected to live very long. Every time that this girl experiences any type of excitement, she would have problems. She would have to go into the hospital to get stabilized. Immediately we are just filled with empathy. My friends and I all have small toddlers.

My out spoken friend just asked the woman if she could pray with her. The woman agreed, and we just began to pray, right there in the middle of the parking lot. I believe her name was Kaylie (the little girl), I hope I am right. Can you all keep her in your prayers for healing!

We prayed and encouraged this mother; then we carried on about our business. I was discussing with my friends how fulfilled I felt. I felt like I had just gotten out of a revival that lasted 5 days. My friend began telling me that, this is what it is all about. We are the church.

It doesn’t ever refer to the “church” as a building or even a place in the Bible. The word “church” is a Greek word meaning “a calling out”. Every Christian has a calling on their life, their ministry so to speak. We have the Holy Spirit living in us; the same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us. The same power that healed and performed many miracles lives inside of us. Wherever we go, that same power goes with us.

I fully believe that there are people called to be a school teacher, police officer, plumber, pastors, and the list goes on. It is important to not miss that fact that we are the church. You do not have to be in a building, with a roof, exciting worship, a nursery, and a pulpit to go to church. I am not in anyway saying that being a church member is wrong. I am saying that there are more ways to serve Christ. Being a part of a church is great, and I do believe there is power in corporal worship.

Another big point I am trying to get across is just because you do belong to a church, tithe, and so on does not mean you are done. Don’t get comfortable just doing those things, it becomes routine. You could attend every church service for 20 years, but not continue to be the church when you leave. Churches are awesome for meeting people, learning God’s word, and having corporal worship. Once the service is over thought you must continue, take it with you. Share and spread the love of Jesus.

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